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Thursday, 21 September 2017
About the Course
Q.  Who is the course intended for?

A.  Generalists or Specialists who want to increase the penetration of implant procedures in their practices by gaining experience and in depth knowledge with implant placement or advanced procedures.  Attending the course will allow you to have a more intensive experience in implants or complex procedures than you might typically have in months of your private practice.


Q. What are the dates of the upcoming courses?

A. July 1-4th 2015     
Q.  Will I be awarded a certificate of completion from the University of Bucharest?

A.  Yes, after completing the course satisfactorily, you will have a personalized certificate from the University of Bucharest, School of Dentistry.,

Q.  Are Dr. Mazor and Dr Lorean teachers or practitioners?

A.  Prof. Mazor and Prof Lorean love teaching and sharing their knowledge.  They have chosen other faculty to work with them based on the same criteria.  Prof. Mazor and Prof. Lorean are both engaged full-time in successful and busy private practices, so they have many years of experience from which to draw.  They know, very well, the real-life daily challenges of being in a dental practice and working with patients.


Q.  In which language is the course conducted?  Is translation possible?

A.  English is the course language. Unfortunately, due to the personalized attention and direction, no translation is possible.


Q. Can I bring casees of my own to review with Dr. Mazor and Dr Lorean?

A.  Probably, but you will need to discuss this in advance since there is little spare time.


Q. How should I handle my tuition for the course?

A.  Tuition is generally payable in cash when you arrive. A receipt from the organizing company will be given for your records.
About the Trip
Q.  Do I need to make a lot of advance arrangements in Romania or will this be handled by the organizers?

A.  You will be well cared for while in Romania.  Profs. Mazor  and Lorean make sure that all the participants are a part of the group and that they all have a good experience during the training.  They organize all the evening social events, as well, so participants have no "alone time", they are part of a team, day and night.  Advance arrangements, within Romania, which you must make are limited to hotel reservations and airport - hotel transfers as well as any outside activities on days not included in the course.


Q. What is the Airport into which I should fly?

A.  Bucharest Romania.  Information in English on the airport is available on the website: www. bucharestairport.com
  Flights to Bucharest Romania are plentiful, convenient and reasonable in cost, from many major European cities.  The airport in Bucharest is modern and very passenger-friendly.


Q.  Do I need a Visa to travel to Romania?

A.Details can be found in  
It is advisable to apply at least two months in advance for the Visa to avoid any inconvenience with the travel.  If you need a Visa, you will need an Official Invitation letter so you should advise Dr. Mazor at least two months in advance of the Visa appointment.

Please make sure you investigate and properly apply for the Visa if needed, by contacting the Foreign Affairs Ministry well in advance.


Q. What is the right arrival day and time and what is the earliest departure day and time?

A.  You should plan to arrive at the Grand Marriott Hotel by the beginning of the session, Wednesday Afternoon at 1300, this means arrival into Bucharest by no later than 1100 on Wednesday.  Departures may be planned for Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  If a Wednesday morning flight will not arrive on time to Bucharest, it is strongly recommended that you plan to arrive the night prior.  The Wednesday session is an important and educational review of regenerative options available in dentistry today, as well as a treatment planning review and case assignment schedule session.


Q. What shall I bring with me to the course?

A.  You may bring with you clean operatory scrubs and appropriate clinical footware, (paper scrub gowns and masks are provided at the Uni if you prefer), loupes or glasses as you use to treat patients normally.  There are facilities at the Uni for changing clothes and secure storage for personal articles and briefcases but please be aware that the Uni takes no responsibility for valuables left in handbags or briefcases so it is recommended that you bring nothing valuable to the course during the day.  Valuables which can fit in a small hotel safe are to be left at the hotel during the day. 


Q. What is the dress code for the Wednesday session and for the clinical days?

A.  Wednesday is very casual and conducted in a hotel conference room among your peers and the teachers only.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be spent 100% of the time in the operatory with patients and staff, so this can be business casual as well, as either you will wear your own scrubs or a paper scrub gown.  No Jeans! No Tee Shirts!  Ladies should remember to bring a barrette to hold back longer hair in the operatory.  It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of standing!


Q. What is the dress code for the evenings?

A. Comfortable business casual is appropriate for all the evening outings.  Evenings at the riverside in Spring, Fall and Winter can be quite cool, so bring a warm jacket.  Check the weather before you travel.


Q.  Can you tell me about meals and how to handle dietary restrictions and requirements?

A.  Romanian food is delicious and plentiful but if you are a vegetarian, vegan or have other dietary restrictions, you will have to make this fact known in advance to ensure that you have appropriate choices available.

If you are hypoglycemic, it is advisable to bring snacks with you to the clinic since no cafeteria or snack machines are available on site during the 9+ hour day.  Lunches on clinic days are eaten as you have a few moments between cases and normally consist of sandwiches which are delivered mid-day.

Bottled water, fruit juice, coffee and tea are available in the conference area where your belongings are deposited.


Q. Will I need to bring my laptop?

A.  You will not need a laptop, unless you want to use it for personal reasons.  There is little spare time for working other than at the clinic or when engaged in group dinners.  If there is no personal need to bring a laptop, it is not recommended since the hotel room safes are not large enough to accommodate laptops so you will have to carry this with you during the day. 


Q.  Can I bring a spouse or guest?

A.  Yes, but be aware that you will be busy 100% of the time from 0800 to 2200 or 2300 every day, beginning Wednesday.  If a guest accompanies you, they should plan to be self sufficient for the entire day and evening on class days.  There are no breaks during the day and there is no organized activity for guests.   The nature of the course is that all members of the group spend every minute engaged with each other.  Even mealtimes become a discussion led by the teachers.  Better to plan a follow-up vacation in Bucharest with the spouse or guest, when there will be time to see the city together.


Q.  Can I photograph or film the procedures in the operatory?  Should I bring a camera?

A.  Photography is not permitted in the operatories, but it is advantageous to bring a camera for social events. 
About Ground Transportation and the Hotel
Q. How should I get from the airport to the hotel when I arrive?

A.  The recommendation is to book a transfer in advance through the Concierge at the hotel.  You will be met by a shuttle outside of baggage claim and transferred to the hotel.  The cost is around 20 Euros and the transfer can take 30 - 50 minutes depending on traffic.  Return transfers should be by Taxi.  Ask for help with that in advance of the time of departure on Sunday.


Q.  If I want to book a hotel besides the Golden Tulip, is this OK?

A.  Yes, but it is not recommended.  If that is preferred, you must be in the Grand Marriott lobby for transport to the course by 0745 each morning and must depart for dinners from the same hotel lobby as well.  It is considerably easier if you take advantage of the lowered priority rates at the Grand Marriott so that there is less secondary taxi transportation needed. Taxis are not too plentiful during rush hours. 


Q. What is the currency in Romania?  Will I need to exchange currency?

A. The Romanian Lei is the local currency and exchange will probably not be needed unless you plan to venture out on your own.  If money has to be changed, a 24 hour exchange is located in the hotel lobby.


Q.  Do the hotel rooms have a safe for valuables left in the room?

A.  The hotel room has a small safe, but it is not large enough for most laptop computers.  Other valuables can be deposited there, but laptops, if brought, should be carried with you.


Final Recommendations and reminders:

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy, closed shoes as there is a lot of standing and walking required as you make your way around Bucharest, the university and work at the clinic.
  • Don't forget to bring a camera for the social times.
  • Make copies of travel documents to leave in your room safe.
  • Make sure to bring loupes if you wear them.
  • Check the weather and pack a collapsible umbrella if rain is expected as well as an appropriate jacket or coat.
  • Bring a small gym bag or pack in which to carry your scrubs and clinic shoes back and forth each day.
  • Bring business cards to exchange with colleagues.
CEOI introduces three types of hands-on surgical courses:
1) Implants for the beginner-concentrating on step by step Implant placement.
Each participant places 10-12 Implants and actively participates in additional procedures.
2) Advanced grafting and sinus elevations for the experienced surgeon.
Each participant performs at least two open sinus augmentation procedures and actively participates in additional procedures.
3) Soft tissue management associated with dental Implants.
4) Immediate loading- learn and perform immediate loading in two different indications.
5) Custom tailored course according to the participant's needs.   Details...

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