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Thursday, 21 September 2017
Case Studies
Sinus Augmentation
Sinus Augmentation 56 year old male patient requiring bi-lateral sinus augmentations
The treatment was performed under local anasthesia.
Bone osteotomy was performed with the piezosurgery unit.
Bone Augmantation

Bone augmantation with  CS Tutogen  bone blocks
 34 year old patient requiring lateral bone augmentation in the region of tooth #14.
Treatment was done under local anasthesia.

Implant Surgery
Implant surgery region 12 13 14 15 16 23 24 25 26
CEOI introduces three types of hands-on surgical courses:
1) Implants for the beginner-concentrating on step by step Implant placement.
Each participant places 10-12 Implants and actively participates in additional procedures.
2) Advanced grafting and sinus elevations for the experienced surgeon.
Each participant performs at least two open sinus augmentation procedures and actively participates in additional procedures.
3) Soft tissue management associated with dental Implants.
4) Immediate loading- learn and perform immediate loading in two different indications.
5) Custom tailored course according to the participant's needs.   Details...

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