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Thursday, 21 September 2017
Dear Colleague

Dental Implants have become a major part in our dental practice.

More and more patients as well as clinicians seek a fixed or stable implant prosthesis giving our patients a functional and esthetic solution for their needs.

There are numerous implant hands-on courses for clinicians focusing on model training or sometimes a cadaver workshop trying to simulate the human oral cavity.

Occasionally lack of experience makes the transformation of the surgical techniques to our patients difficult.

For the first time the international course for oral implantology allows the clinician to perform a variety of dental implant surgical procedures including  sinus augmentations and immediate loading procedures under the close supervision of some of the leading well experienced clinicians:
Prof Ziv Mazor,Prof Adi Lorean and Dr Eitan Mijiritsky.
 The program allows one-on-one interaction between the participant and the instructor.In the Implant beginner course each participant places  at least 10-12 Implants and participates in additional surgical procedures.
In the advanced grafting course each participant  performs at least two open sinus augmentations and participates in other surgical augmentation procedures.A custom tailored programs can be designed according to the participant's needs.

The program includes utilization of innovative state of the art techniques, materials and surgical tools.

The course takes place in the university of Bucharest. Participants will receive their certificates from the university upon completion of the course.

Main Topics
  • Anatomic Considerations
  • Implant Treatment Planning
    - Indications
    - Contra Indications
    - Bone Evaluation

  • Radiology Planning for Dental Implants
  • Bone Augmentation and Guided Tissue Regeneration
    - Resorbable vs. Non-Resorbable Membranes.
    - Lateral and Vertical Ridge Augmentation.
  • Residual Ridge Widenning and Splitting.
  • Immediate Implantation and Immediate Loading of Dental Implants.
  • Maxillary Sinus Bone Grafting Open and Closed Techniques.
  • Soft Tissue Considerations and Suturing Techniques.
  • Free and Connective Gingival Graft for Different Periodontal and Implant Procedures.
  • Biomechanical aspects of immediate loading

  • Critical literature review

  • Protocols, criteria and indications for immediate loading

  • Provisional restorations associated with immediate loading

  • Immediate implantation with immediate loading

  • Minimally Invasive/ Flapless Implant Surgery

  • Immediate loading in: single, partial and complete edentulism

  • Computer assisted Implantology


CEOI introduces three types of hands-on surgical courses:
1) Implants for the beginner-concentrating on step by step Implant placement.
Each participant places 10-12 Implants and actively participates in additional procedures.
2) Advanced grafting and sinus elevations for the experienced surgeon.
Each participant performs at least two open sinus augmentation procedures and actively participates in additional procedures.
3) Soft tissue management associated with dental Implants.
4) Immediate loading- learn and perform immediate loading in two different indications.
5) Custom tailored course according to the participant's needs.   Details...

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